I’d love to get started… I’m just waiting for the perfect time.

Many of us wait for the “perfect time” with our health, nutrition, and fitness. But this all-or-nothing thinking — as in, “If I don’t do this perfectly then it’s awful!” — rarely gets us “all”. It usually gets us “nothing”. ++++ Are you waiting for the “perfect time” to start eating better, or exercising, or finally getting in shape? Are you putting off that dream trip, or a new project, or that skill you’ve been meaning to learn? If so, some of these phrases may sound familiar: When I get…

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7 effective ways to make time for exercise and nutrition. [Infographic] How to prioritize health, organize your schedule, and get things done.

Almost everyone knows what to do to get fitter and healthier. (For most people it starts with: Move more and eat fewer processed foods.) But when life’s already full, how can you expect to actually do those things? With these 7 practical tips, of course. They’ll help you make more time for exercise and nutrition, even in the context of your busy life. ++++ You just finished drop-off, are running late for work, and know your day is packed with meetings. Thinking ahead to dinner, you’re wondering how you’ll manage…

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