I’d love to get started… I’m just waiting for the perfect time.

Many of us wait for the “perfect time” with our health, nutrition, and fitness. But this all-or-nothing thinking — as in, “If I don’t do this perfectly then it’s awful!” — rarely gets us “all”. It usually gets us “nothing”. ++++ Are you waiting for the “perfect time” to start eating better, or exercising, or finally getting in shape? Are you putting off that dream trip, or a new project, or that skill you’ve been meaning to learn? If so, some of these phrases may sound familiar: When I get…

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Precision Nutrition Coaching Grand Prize Winners: July 2018. We just surprised our latest winners with more than $125,000 in prizes!

Rachel and Daniel spent the past 12 months transforming their eating habits, health, bodies, and lives with personal help from a PN coach. And now? They’re our latest Grand Prize winners. See how we surprised them with $ 25,000 each, and meet the rest of our July 2018 Precision Nutrition Coaching winners. ++ Every six months in our Precision Nutrition Coaching program we give away more than $ 125,000 to the men and women who have the most incredible, inspiring body transformations. Yep, that’s more than a quarter million dollars a year. And,…

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