Sunny Health & Fitness Force Fitmill Manual Treadmill with High Weight Capacity, 16 Levels of Resistance and Dual Flywheel – SF-T7723

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Set new fitness goals and break personal bests with the SF-T7723 Force Fit mill Treadmill by Sunny Health and Fitness. This heavy-duty fitness training device provides everything needed for a maximum intensity workout and improved muscular power. The self-powered treadmill stands at a fixed incline of 13. 5 % promoting a more fluid running motion. The high-density handrails support multi-grip functioning which encourages a versatile yet challenging cardio session. The slip-resistant rails also mimic sled training which allows you to place your shoulders and push against the tread to develop acceleration strength. Increase up to an incredible 16 levels of tension for a workout proven to increase your performance during both hilly and flat terrain running courses. Dual flywheel structure work together to create a more stable and smooth response for the user. The weight of both flywheels requires a higher energy demand from the user to get the belt started. This can cause a greater metabolic demand or more calories. This is increased when you increase the resistance levels. The dual flywheel provides an endless source of resistance by requiring more force to be produced by the user when increasing speed, power output and tension. The durable frame supports a max weight of 300 LBS. The compact treadmill will fit in perfectly for your in-home gym or small space apartment. Dimensions: 59L X 27W X 55H inches. You can also fold and place your treadmill away for more storage room. Folded Dimensions: 31L x 27W x 58H. Transportation wheels keep your treadmill easily portable. If you need to stop, just hop onto the gripped side rails for safety. Rubber stabilizers are located on the bottom of the treadmill for better alignment with flooring. Race to the finish line with the SF-T7723 Force Fit mill Treadmill by Sunny Health and Fitness.


  • MULTI-GRIP HANDRAILS: Sweat-resistant rails support many grips, so you can push against the tread and run or walk in various running positions
  • MPLE TREAD DECK: Larger running surface is 53L X 16W providing support and room for exercise. The manual treadmill measures at 59L X 27W X 55H inches with a max weight of 300LBS. 13.5% Fixed Incline
  • MANUAL TREAD: Requires zero electricity and completely self-powered. The adjustable resistance and fixed incline allow you to enjoy a versatile and muscular power based cardio workout
  • 16 RESISTANCE LEVELS: 16 tensions provide the opportunity for full body cardio workout. Challenge your body with speed or with high levels of tension to really push your performance to the next level
  • DUAL STRUCTURE FLYWHEELS: Creates stable and smooth response for user. Weight of flywheels requires a higher energy demand from the user to get the belt started. Increases speed, power output and tensions