About Us

About Us


Workout was built to solve a problem: Make personal training programs accessible at scale to the masses with reasonable prices.

The pattern that good trainers use to create workouts can be automated just like anything else, and in doing so those patterns can be finely tuned and optimized in ways that become unmanageable for humans.


Something for Everyone

We’re incredibly proud of the code our team has crafted, and the result is a finely-tuned system that’s inherently flexible. As such, the system supports different training goals which account for the incredible vast majority of gym-goers.

Exercises, training volume, and cardio intensity all vary based on your fitness level and experience so you’ll be able to get started with Workout regardless of where you stand now.


Get In Shape

Above all, Workout entire purpose is to help you progress through better and better fitness levels.


While each available training goal will prioritize differently between muscle growth, fat loss, endurance, strength, power, and athleticism, you’ll advance in each of these areas as you continue to work with us.

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