Sixpack abs vs toned abs.  Exercises for abs can take you many directions.  There are many abs work out routines you can implement into you weight training program.  So, which Sixpack abs work out program do you choose?

Weight training programs should include exercises for abs that will tone abs in a progression of time.  It’s unrealistic to expect a fast abs result.  Your abs work out routine should progress from stabilized floor body resistance weight to a surface weight training program through out your routine.

As you progress through your abs program you should lower your support base as best possible.  This will help your abs work out by working the entire core section and bring a more targeted muscle burn that most floor exercises for abs will not touch.

Crunches, leg raises and sit ups are a few of the floor exercises for abs that do not target the deep muscle work.  They may help tone abs but will not provide the 6 pack abs you desire.  For sixpack abs you want to perform these exercises against gravity, progress to a load and finally to a stability ball.

Ideally your abs work out should progress to body weight resistance exercises such as side planks and front planks.  This will step you from a tone abs routine to the 6 pack ab deep muscle work.  Take it a step further doing one arm planks on the front and side planes.  Finish off the routine with the stability ball for a complete sixpack abs workout.

The best exercises for abs that get 6 pack results will be various weighted moves.  Ever notice how the skinny guys and gals, have nice flat stomaches but no definition in the abs?  They have a toned abs look but nothing really defined, because the core ab muscle group has not been developed.  It’s no different than any other part on the body.

Getting sixpack abs takes working the muscle groups under the fat.  Incorporate resistance or weighted ab crunches and use dumbbell exercises for abs with the stability ball to develop those deep core muscles.

It’s important your abs work out routine includes full stretching during your exercises for abs at the eccentric phase.  You want to reach a full range of motion going up (unnecessary when doing floor or ball crunches) but, make sure you crunch the upper ab muscles onto the lower ab muscles.  Do this for each rep for maximum burn and core muscle development.

Remember exercises for abs should focus on developing both lower and upper muscle groups at one time.  Many people are concerned about lower abs work out.  Usually the hardest muscle group to develop.  It is true about the importance of hip flexion (empahasising the lower ab group) but concentrate on working both upper and lower ab muscles in your routines.

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