Sleep Tips – Part 1

Hey everyone welcome to another episode of ask Yuri, I am your host Yuri Elkaim, who else I will be? Alright, today we will be talking about the importance of sleep, when it comes to importance of sleep, whenever I address this with kind of couple, I guess, in terms of sleep the ability to lose weight, sleep your muscular recovery and overall health . So, this question is from Jeff, sometimes I try to Sleep in late because I generally toss and turns for hours before I switch on to sleep and as a result I get few hours of sleep, I was wondering if you can address me some tips as well as any other strategies for me you can share on getting better sleep ?

Sleep is important that’s why our body glow is generate a mark, right, consolidate mind . So, for first thing from brain prospective, when you read things or learn new things in a day, at night when you are sleeping, especially when you are deep sleeping, that’s when your brain start consolidate all the information . That’s why we say in school to study and sleep on it because you are actually taking it on work while you sleep afterwards . That’s something that I follow in Fitter U fitness program.

The importance of sleep is I mean experiments. Especially, when you are young, when you are baby you sleep for more than one third of your time because you are growing and repairing and building new things, that’s what all happens, that’s what all happens when you sleep. So, again when you sleep when you are young, that’s when your growth happens. When you are older like 18 and 19’s, generally less sleep 5 – 6 hours at night may be because there is not much repair in the growth that is happening. So, it is like fewer cycles that are happening. But if you are working out, I am talking from workout perspective here, when you are working out it is really important to rest and recover and I am talking as longer. You don’t have to work out for 7 a week, you should break template on toes.

But also you want to sleep as well, right, if you are sleeping well you are giving your body good time to rebuild and repair the muscles, especially in the stage 4 deep sleeps is important. So you have to do things that going to help you get proper sleep.

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