Women Best Stomach Exercises

There are a lot of stomach exercises for women because women are said to be more conscious about their figure and appearance than men. Looking at a women’s mindset, we can surely tell that they desire to have the sexier stomach which can reveal the attraction of glimpse. Slim and sexy stomach is possible only after following regular exercise and schedule. As women desire to have a flat stomach, their exercises are completely different from men. Women don’t believe in building muscles and hence, their exercises cannot be compared with men. The top three best exercise for reducing stomach fat (for women):

1: Basic Crunch exercise for women that helps in reducing fat around your stomach: Looking at this exercise will make you confuse but after following the steps correctly, you will generic kamagra get adapt to it. Firstly, you have to lie down on the floor by your back without bending your hands or knees. Secondly, you have to bend your knees at an angle of 90degree via your feet. Lastly, you have to fold your hands above your westernunion agents stomach and have to lift your body without touching the floor.  Perform this exercise at least 15-20 minutes splitting into different sets for getting sexier stomach.

2: The Reverse Crunch exercise for having flat stomach: In this exercise also you have to lie down on the floor with the help of your back without bending. You can either keep your hands straight to the hips or above your head for having straight posture. Now, Cheap Viagra bend your knees and lift your feet six inches above the floor without moving your body posture and hands. You can repeat this set of exercise with the interval of 15-17minutes for having slim and flat stomach.

3: The Oblique Crunch for having flat stomach: While doing this exercise, you have to lie down on the floor with the help of your back and have to keep your knees bent to the floor. Now, keep your left foot resting on the floor and levitra prescription try to lift your right leg generic amoxil cross on your left leg straight to the left knee. Later on place your left hand on the left side of your head and the right hand on the right side of your head. Afterwards try to twist the movement of your hands and touch the knee of your lifting buy amoxil online leg. With the help of 3-4 sets per day, you can surely lose your fats and have a sexy looking stomach.

Exercises like swimming; jogging, aerobics and cycling are also considered amongst the best stomach exercises for women. You can simply try these exercises too for toning your body in the beautiful way. Regular habit of doing exercise can help you in getting good state of body and mind. You can simply follow the best three stomach exercise described above for having flat stomach.

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