When winter camping make sure someone knows where you are

Wintertime outdoor camping is an activity that a lot of people enjoy. The Boy Scouts of America do this regularly. In truth, it is a requirement that the boys camp in the winter season to earn selected advancement and merit badges. Here are a few ideas to make your winter camping trip fun and safe.

First, plan your trip carefully. Make sure someone that is not joining you on the trip knows your planned routes and events. When planning your trip, it is important to know the weather forecast, whether the area you are going to has very deep or very shallow snow, the size of your group, and how you will be getting to your campsite.

Personal equipment and the correct camping gear are important things to consider when going camping in the winter. Hypothermia is a very real threat and should be prepared for accordingly. Layering clothing will give one the ability to take away layers while hiking or skiing and add layers back to maintain warmth when the physical exertion is done. Clothing made from wool which actually is capable of absorbing a lot of moisture. It can be very helpful in maintaining body temperature. Fleece and pile have the same insulating ability as wool but absorb less moisture. On the other hand, it also will dry more quickly than wool.

Other personal equipment includes packs, hiking sleeping bag, sleeping pad, boots and a heat supply like a fire or stove. When planning your food to take along, keep in mind that fresh meals should be avoided during the winter season because of their high content of water, which makes them very heavy. Instead, remain to dry foods like cereals and pasta.

To provide drinking water while winter season tenting, you can produce a photo voltaic drinking water collector. Utilizing a foam pad like a slumbering pad, add a level of dark plastic, pack snow on the edge and place in the direct sun. This will provide water for the camp.

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