Concept 2 Model D Review – Take your fitness to the next level

The Concept 2 rowing machine is the best selling indoor rower in the world and are considered the industry standard for indoor rowing machines.

Benefits of using the Concept 2 Rower Model D

The Concept 2 rower and indoor rowing has become popular because when used properly they give you a total body workout that exercises your entire body, including the arms, legs, chest, back, and abs.

Due to the wide range of motion when sliding up and down on the seat the arms and legs are strengthened and become more flexible. Your core muscles are also developed as a result of the abs and lower back working hard at the end and middle of each stroke.

Unlike other forms of cardio exercise there is not too much stress placed on the knees and ankles because of the smooth low impact rhythm of the concept 2 Model D rower .

Furthermore many users state that working out on a Concept 2 can ease stress levels and clear the mind because ot the rhythmic nature of rowing .

Features of the Concept 2 Model D

The popularity of the concept 2 rowers is mainly due to the technology found in the performance monitors supplied with each machine. 

The Model D comes with a PM3 or PM4 performance monitor.

The PM3 accurately tracks your distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts, with five display options for rowers–all data, force curve, rowing with a pace boat, bar chart, and large print..

Two great benefits of having this data is that for example you can see your average 1k split times or your output stroke by stoke .

  There is an easy to use menu driven function so you can access a great features such as favourite and preset workouts, races against the pace boats or trial yourself again to a previous workout .

In addition the PM3 comes with a USB connection and interface so all your workout data can easily be transferred to a PC or Mac. For the more serious user you can buy a polar monitor separately to attach and track your heart rate .

More features available are FISH games, animated rowers to teach technique, multiple language options and a personal log card (similair to a sim card) to keep track of all your workouts.

The PM4 offers the all the same functionality of the PM3 with the added features of:

Heart Rate Monitoring: Wireless Suunto heart rate technology compatible built resulting in clearer transmission and excluding interference from other rowers nearby. Compatibility with Polar monitors is possible if the Polar receiver has been installed .

Rechargeable Battery Pack: As you row you will actually be recharging your battery. Connecting the PM4 to a PC through the USB port can also recharge the battery pack.

Increased Memory Capacity: So extra features and functionality can be added in the future.

Supports Machine-to-Machine Racing: Both wireless and wired machine to machine racing can be implemented with the need for a PC.

The Model D is comfortable to use with a ergonomic handle designed to allow natural arm and hand positions. The seat slides along a aluminium rail capped with a stainless steel track which gives it a smooth seat movement .

The concept 2 model D is surprisingly quiet due to a flywheel designed to reduce noise and spiral damper that allows rowers to choose the level of drag. The range is 1-10 with starting with 1 as the easiest. Apparently using level 4-5 is the closest to replicating being on the water .

If using the Model D at home you will require a space of at least  9 by 4 feet. It has castor wheels so can be moved around quite easily and a collapsible design for efficient storage

It has a capacity for up to 500 pounds of weight and is backed up by a 5 year warranty on frame parts and 2 year warranty on the monitor and moving parts .

Finally another great reason to invest in a Concept 2 Rower is the support and back up provided by the company themselves. If you look on the concept 2 website, there is a huge community of users, competitions, and challenges set every month with prizes to keep you motivated and improving your performance..

The Concept 2 Rowing machine is a highly recommended choice not just your rowing prowess but for your overall fitness, health and well-being .













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