Hey it’s Mike bringing you an update on my bodybuilding workouts.  Hope to hear your muscle gainer success stories and health changing results.

Abs Workout Begun To Get Rid Of the Infamous Love Handles

Here’s a quick intro of myself and rededication to weight training workouts.  It’s been many years since I’ve done any serious bodybuilding workouts.  At my age, the muscle gainer exercises are not for heavy bulking to the body.  Looking to tone abs and realize it will take some form of body building diet as well.




Muscle Building Diet Along With Your Abs Workout

Why is diet so important for six pack abs?  The stomache area of the body is usually the first place that attracts fat.  The hardest place to loss fat as well.  If your abs workout consist of just floor exercise such as situps and crunches.  You are not working all the core ab areas in your bodybuilding workouts.

In fact, you may be developing six pack abs but you do not see the affects.  That’s because the fat layer is still covering the rippled six pack appearance from your abs workout.  Monitor the percentage of body fat during your workouts.  With men, typically to get the visual six pack ab look, your bodybuilding workouts will need to get your body fat level to or very near single digits.

I confess, during my weight training workouts I have not followed a muscle building diet.  Something I will have to incorporate into my training and workout routines.  I’ll provide more information on the muscle diet tips I find useful.

Until next time, keep the bodybuilding workouts going.  Don’t be fearful of the dreaded abs workout  and exercises.  It has been a pleasant suprise to me that once you get started in your weight training workouts, things begin to fall in place.

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