WorkOut Success Stories

WorkOut Success Stories

“I have been training with Erick for 4 years — and my body loves me for it! He not only provides motivation and inspiration, but is also very knowledgeable about the fitness industry and provides a variety of information on various topics including nutrition and injury prevention. He is also realistic about goals. He is tough when you need him to be (10 more abs! 5 more chin ups!) but will also work with you if you have an injury. He keeps the workouts interesting, and the muscles working, by changing the routine every 6-8 weeks. When Erick was no longer training at the gym I belonged to — I changed gyms to keep training with him — that’s proof of a happy (and fit) customer!”

Ramon Matos, 39
Social Worker

“I remember looking at Erick’s business card and wondering how he could possibly keep the promises he advertised on the card. His cards read that his training combined body, mind and soul and that his approach was to balance all of the different elements impacting ones well-being. When I first started training with Erick, my goal was to better use my time at the gym. As I started training with Erick I realized that my goal slowly shifted to an overall change in my relationship to my body, to my self really. I have always been active. I had been a dancer and an aerobics instructor, had completed a California AIDS Ride and went to the gym about four times a week. In the course of my working with Erick not only have I completed two triathlons successfully, ran a number of local races, just completed my first half marathon; I have gained a better sense of my abilities. All this has come from Erick’s focus on all of the things that were impacting my progress at the gym. He looked at what I ate and why, when I exercised and why and reminded me in a bunch of different ways that I was ultimately responsible for any and all outcomes. He was able to provide me with concrete nutritional suggestions and redesigned my workouts. He also added some new types of exercises I had not done in years like swimming and running. He also provides me with supplemental training schedules to assist me with training for specific events. I recommend him highly. He continues to be a great source of support and inspiration. His work is an authentic combination of mind, body and soul.”


Teah Strozer, 56
Buddhist Priest & Teacher, Zen Center SF CA

“Ask Erick he’s the best. Erick is supremely knowledgeable on all aspects of physical training for all kinds of goals. His use of that knowledge and the way he can get you to work makes the difference. It really does. My goal was to participate in AIDS RIDE 6, riding a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one week. I knew nothing about riding bikes, or about physical training. Three months before the ride it was clear I was doing something wrong. I was doing everything the training manuals suggested, but wasn’t getting any better. I was desperate. I needed a personal trainer. I found Erick. Within minutes after listening to me explain my training program he found what I was doing wrong, showed me how to eat, lift weights and schedule training rides. Most importantly I no longer felt defeated. I felt the ride was possible, I just had to follow the training plan he designed. And I did. I had a wonderful ride – perfect even. . I rode all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles without a blister, without any problems at all. Without Erick’s expertise, his personal concern and perfect encouragement I could never have done it. If you want personal support and training expertise to make sure you reach your goals — ask Erick -he’ll get you there. If you have questions, feel free to call me

Jorge Zaiden, 24

“In October of 1999, after dieting for months with limited success, I began to weight train with Erick Alvarez. At first, Erick patiently worked with me to curve and rectify my eating and water intake habits. Followed by specifically designed workouts, which included cardio and weight training workouts three times a week, to meet my body and minds’ needs. In the past four months, Erick helped me achieve the self confidence needed to go into a crowded gym and workout comfortably. Detailed with his facts, professional to a fault, concerned and aware of his clients needs, Erick is a fantastic trainer. My personal results have been great! In 12 weeks I lost 15 pounds, and my Body Fat Percentage has gone from 18% to 8%”.”

Glenn Strome, 37
M.D. Stanford University

“I have had the pleasure of training with Erick Alvarez over the last year. When I started working with Erick I was extremely out of shape. Although I have not reached all of my fitness goals I have made good progress in terms of cardiovascular status and flexibility. I think the most important concept that Erick instilled in me is that there are no quick fixes. For lasting results one needs to develop healthy lifestyle habits. As a physician, I appreciate his sound approach to training and fitness. As a sometimes lazy person, Erick has helped me to get more enjoyment out of my workouts and is a wonderful and realistic motivator. You can’t go wrong with Erick!”

Andrew Reel, 36
PC Technician, Andersen Consulting


The results I achieved by using Erick as my personal trainer amazed me. Erick reviewed my training goals with me, then presented a weight training routine and provided nutritional advice. I wanted to increase upper body strength and size. In eight weeks I increased upper body strength nearly 100%. I gained 7.5 pounds of muscle and lost 4.5 pounds of fat. When we worked out, Erick’s focus was on me. He ensured correct form in all exercises and encouraged me through the entire session. I have full confidence in his knowledge of weight training and nutrition. I refer all my friends to who I consider to be the best trainer in town — Erick Alvarez.

Rachel Powell Norton, 33
Mother of Two

Erick and I started training together about three months after the birth of my daughter. I had gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy (45 lbs) and was really motivated to get back to my pre-pregnant shape. Erick designed a workout plan for me and did some baseline fitness and body composition testing so we would be able to accurately monitor my progress. We were off to a great start, and then it happened. Whoops! I got pregnant again, just four months after my first child was born. Erick was great. I couldn’t diet and had to modify some of the exercises we were doing, but under Erick’s careful supervision I continued moderate weight training and cardio workouts throughout the second pregnancy… I felt great and much more energetic than I had during the first pregnancy, and continued to build lean muscle mass with only a moderate weight gain. Baby Jackie was born healthy and strong after a short, easy labor, and I’m now back in heavy training to get my body back. I’m very grateful that I started training with Erick before the second pregnancy, since his work with me made all the difference (he even came to visit Jackie in the hospital on the day she was born!). His great strength as a trainer is that he is very focused on your goals and how to help you achieve them. He is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and physiology, which made me feel more secure in continuing to follow an exercise program even while pregnant.

Joe Lima, 35
Internet Project Manager

Training with Erick is not just about lifting weights. First, he takes the time to help you formulate goals and then develops a program to help you meet those goals. Along the way, Erick teaches how to use proper technique to get the most of every exercise as well as the physiology behind every movement. In six months I gained 7 pounds of muscle and lost 7.5 pounds of fat. Training with Erick is definitely training smarter, not harder. I have the results to prove it.

Seth Meisler, 44
Architect- MBT Architecture

“My experience with Erick involves training with him once a week for the past year in a personal training program at GoldÕs Gym. The results of his customized workout program have greatly surpassed my expectations. The combination of his positive and caring attitude and his focus on my specific needs have allowed me to feel that I am using my time at the gym to its fullest advantage. After just a few weeks of his training I noticed more concrete results than I had obtained working out alone for the previous five years. In the past I would have dreaded the boring routine at the gym, but now Erick manages to make my workouts both safe and enjoyable. I recommend Erick Alvarez as a personal trainer without reservation. He is a unique person and I believe his style would compliment the needs of most people looking for a personal trainer. Please feel free to contact me at 415.896.0800 if I can be of further assistance with your consideration of Erick.

Laura Gutkin
Rider Services Manager, California AIDS Ride office.


Thank you so much for volunteering your time to help riders create a training plan. Your support over the years has meant a lot to the riders.