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The Stylish New Jacket That’s Perfect for Changing Weather

Image by Levi’s Wellthread X Outerknown Meet the stylish and socially conscious jacket that should be keeping you warm This fall has led to a lot of style confusion: The weather has been unseasonably swampy one minute and colder than a Rihanna meme the next. We’ve had our favorite sweaters waiting in the wings for weeks, but this new Wellthread Sherpa Trucker jacket from Levi’s and Outerknown might be the best jacket for these uncertain climes. Credit Link:  We like it because it’s got the classic Levi’s denim jacket shape,…

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How to build a fitness career that’s meaningful and fulfilling. [Video Seminar]

Where’s the health and fitness industry headed? How can you leverage that to have the most successful and fulfilling fitness career possible? Here’s an inside look at the advice Dr. Berardi gives PN students and coaches. If you’re watching this, you’re probably passionate about health and fitness. You want to get paid to do what you love to do, make a name for yourself, work on your terms, and help people while you’re at it. But, when reality hits, your passion can dwindle. Clients are complicated. You don’t book as many…

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